I met my wife, Jordan, over 6 years ago. We started dating in high school, and have been inseparable ever since. We have so many stories, so many laughs, tears, and moments. Every single one of these all culminate into our unique love story, and I love when I can look back at portraits and candid moments together and remember and relive it. 

Your love story is so unique, and unlike anyone else's. When you look back at the portraits from your wedding day, every image should have a story to tell your children someday, and a memory to laugh at when you two have grown old together. 


once-in-a-lifetime love

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Long gone are the days of stuffy family portraits, awkward blank stares into the camera, and spending hours and hours being posed. 

Our approach to your wedding day is to fit right in alongside your friends and family, to blend seamlessly and to do it all while having fun!

We absolutely LOVE to capture candid portraits of your friends and family, emotional moments shared between your parents and loved ones, and the laughs and sheer joy while you and your guests are partying and having the time of your life. 

When it comes time to get those classic portraits that your mom is going to want to hang on the wall, we expertly guide you into natural moments and snap away! 

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